Video Fridays: Lord of the Rings Reunites (Apart)

Video Fridays: Lord of the Rings Reunites (Apart)

A little over a week ago this short video came into my feed about getting the cast of the Lord of the Rings together for a kind of reunion… and it the video was so well done that it inspired me to binge watch the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy (Extended versions!) with Deb over this past week. Given the sadness of this past week, it was a lovely reminder that even the smallest or least significant of us can make change in the world. Enjoy.

Lord of the Rings Reunion Promo

I actually haven’t seen the reunion event… but here’s a link to it and I’m hoping that Deb and I can spend a spell with these folks after having spent the past week on this epic journey…

One Zoom to Rule Them All: Reunited Apart The Lord of the Rings

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