Our Borrowed Stories (i.e., The Bible)

This post showed up in my stream:

Bible Creation Myth "Borrowed"
Bible Creation Myth “Borrowed”

My thoughts: Loved my religious studies classes at Loyola Marymount University in LA. I did end up at a much more conservative university (Biola) studying biblical studies. I think “plagiarized” is a polarizing word in that all cultures “borrow” from each other and it’s only the fundamentalists who claim unsupported authorship. But that’s fundies for you, claiming the all the stories and at the same time missing the point of the stories.

And looking at the rhetoric displayed in this comment stream (in Facebook), that’s another reason why I would never support “teaching the Bible” in a public school environment, except as literature and then fully expect the fundies to walk out and scream like the 10 in the original post.

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