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Our Guy

Seeing this pos, I needed to make the following comment:

“Biblical” meaning that we can use this person for our purposes to promote anti-abortion/pro-theocracy agendas, even though there hasn’t been a moment in this person’s life when the Christian message of forgiveness, reconciliation and reform has been an active principal of action. No, this is bullshit in the name of a bankrupt religious agenda. It’s all built on lies and ungodliness.

Source: https://www.patheos.com/blogs/progressivesecularhumanist/2019/04/michele-bachmann-trump-is-most-godly-biblical-president-in-our-lifetime/

Daily Random Sh*t: The One Boasting To Have The Best Words

2019-01-09 45-the best words

Daily Random Sh*t: The One Boasting To Have The Best Words

Anyone claiming expertise in so many areas would be comical if it weren’t for the millions of idiots who fell for his unfounded and delusional boasts. There are plenty of idiots in the world who don’t know that they are idiots. The horror is when we choose to believe and empower these idiots. Wake up MAGA supporters, whatever good you believed in has been stolen from you and sold for the vanity of one delusional idiot.

DailyRandomSh*t: “He Looked at Me Funny”

A quote from one of my kindergarten classes or Huckabee-Sanders explaining the last press-briefing kerfuffle? So the Reality-TV “president,” who is 100% dependent on being the constant first story in the 24-hour news cycle, has another plan to control the press… Wait for it… New rules of conduct for journalists covering the White House!

New Rules?! If “civility” becomes part of the new rules, how long before Cadet Bone Spurs get kicked out for name calling and his bad behavior? He claims to be everyone’s president, but only want to talk to those who like him or agree with him… that’s not how it works, kids. Time to turn off the sound and let “his base” stew in their own juices of nastiness. #Watch45WithTheSoundOff #ItIsWhatHeDoesNotWhatHeSays #ItIsNotNewsIfItIsTheSameOldLies #ContinueToResist


The False Equivalencies Continues… Begins… Whatever…

The above assertion showed up in my feed (“Obama Broke the Law First!)… My response:

Yeah, the 2008 Obama campaign was late filing it’s paperwork, there were some donations over the legal $1,000 limit for individuals and they raised a huge amount, the largest amount of individual donations at the time, and so they were fined over $300,000. It was a civil fine because the FEC, who runs these investigations, determined that the errors were not deliberate and not an effort to hide money. Cohen’s guilty plea was BECAUSE their intention was to hide this illegal campaign contribution… slight difference. You’d think this Jack fellow would know the difference between a Civil action and a Criminal one… or the difference between turning paperwork in late and lying. Maybe not…

(Source: https://www.snopes.com/news/2018/08/22/election-law-violations-compared-obama-2008-vs-trump-2016/)

The Moving Process: Don’t Sleep on the Floor

USPS Change-of-Address envelope

I heard yesterday morning that the 70-something-year-old women I’m buying the condo from has moved all of her furniture out because we were supposed to close at the end of this week and is now sleeping on the floor. Alas, due to my bank’s last second cancellation of the loan, on the 18th, the whole deal was in peril.Continue Reading

You’re Not Winning If You Have to Lie to Make Your Point 🤥

Oh look someone has discovered the power of Photoshop [yawn]. The image of Obama holding up a “Trump is my president” t-shirt went with the caption: “post this and watch all the liberals’ heads explode.” Continue Reading

Have An Informed Opinion: Volunteer at Your Local School

pledge of allegiance false claim

So this showed up in my feed…. maybe these people should actually spend time visiting or volunteering at their local schools instead of watching right wing propaganda on their TVs and then throwing virtual rocks from their computers…. here was my response:Continue Reading