Video Fridays: How Space Movies Evolved Over 120 Years

Another tough week, another bit of escapism in my Video Fridays selection. This time it’s about how the stories we enjoy in the cinema are made and have advanced over the years. 

I remember working with students who wanted to do a superhero flying scene. It was a typical muggy June day in Central Florida so we went outside, had the student lie down on-top of something slightly elevated, like a wall, and shot the scene from below with the actor framed between the camera and the sky above. 

Those were fun times. We did find an iOS app that would add some special FX, but tried to do as much in-camera as possible. Here are two examples. In the first example, the bullet hits, blood and sound effects were add via an app. 

In the second clip, I wasn’t too good at getting how the flames/lightning would fire:

Happy Friday, y’all.

Bonus clip:

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