Surprising Numbers Stepping on the Scale After a Few Years

2019-06-14 jbustillos weigh-in

Surprising Numbers Stepping on the Scale After a Few Years

In my many travels yesterday, I picked up a few things that hadn’t survived the move last summer or the move from Florida. One of the items was a weight-scale. Tracking my weight had been important following my illness in 2012-2014, but it just hadn’t registered these past few years. So I picked one up yesterday, and stepped on the scale this morning.

Last time I recorded my weight was back in Florida some time in 2016. At the time I clocked in at 192.2 lbs. with a target goal of 172.8 lbs. During my illness, in 2012, thanks to the pain-killers I was on also killing my ability to process food, I dropped all the way down to 154 lbs. I loved being more sinewy with little to no beer-gut, but losing all of the muscle-mass and strength in my legs to the point where I couldn’t support my own weight to stand up or walk was just a bit too far to go just to look good. So, imagine my surprise when today’s morning weigh-in registered at 157.3 lbs. Wow. I didn’t expect that.

2019-06-14 jbustillos weigh-in

2019-06-14 jbustillos weigh-in

I should probably get on setting up testing with a local physician to keep an eye on my A1C and other health measures. Speaking of health, I also got info yesterday about the location of the work-out rooms in my condo-complex now that I’m not having to keep up for kindergarteners every day and the weather gets above 100° before 8 AM. Having lost my health, I know how precious it can be and need to keep an active eye on things.

Our Guy

Our Guy

Seeing this pos, I needed to make the following comment:

“Biblical” meaning that we can use this person for our purposes to promote anti-abortion/pro-theocracy agendas, even though there hasn’t been a moment in this person’s life when the Christian message of forgiveness, reconciliation and reform has been an active principal of action. No, this is bullshit in the name of a bankrupt religious agenda. It’s all built on lies and ungodliness.


Which Road Are You On? You Should Spend Some Time On “The Road to Edmond”

The Road to Edmond

Which Road Are You On? You Should Spend Some Time On “The Road to Edmond”

Just finished watching “The Road to Edmond.” It’s been over a decade since I’ve watched something that centers on telling a “Christian” story. I just don’t have time for stories with two-dimensional characters where the only “honest” people are the brave Christians who, in the end, have all the Bible-based answers to rescue the sniveling former-non-believers. “The Road to Edmond” isn’t that kind of story. It may have taxed the acting skills of the two main actors and the story sometimes felt like a weird parable, but getting past that, it shows how sloppy and difficult real love can be and the pain left over from lost opportunities when one is restricted by literal religious beliefs. As a former-believer, I appreciate the struggle for human connection despite the objection of orthodoxy and that these film-makers have added their Christian voices to recognizing our shared part in this journey “On the Road to Edmond.” I hope you get a chance to catch this interesting tale on one of the streaming services, now that this recent pay-what-you-want on-demand offers is expiring (on 2/28/2019) at

I love the ending credit song:

Daily Random Sh*t: The One Boasting To Have The Best Words

2019-01-09 45-the best words

Daily Random Sh*t: The One Boasting To Have The Best Words

Anyone claiming expertise in so many areas would be comical if it weren’t for the millions of idiots who fell for his unfounded and delusional boasts. There are plenty of idiots in the world who don’t know that they are idiots. The horror is when we choose to believe and empower these idiots. Wake up MAGA supporters, whatever good you believed in has been stolen from you and sold for the vanity of one delusional idiot.

Happy Holidays 2018

2018 Memories
2018 Memories

2018 Memories

Happy Holidays 2018

Family, Friends, and online strangers passing by,

Happy Holidays. I think I’ve said this before about previous years, but 2018 has been a hell of a year, both good and not so good. Hard to believe that it’s been 10-years since I first left Long Beach and now I’ve bought a place in Las Vegas. Also second year in a row my robotics team is going to compete in the championships. There’s been more music, more adventures, more conversations, more goodbyes and more time wondering what’s next. Thank you for being there. I am hopeful that this next year is going to give us more opportunities to enjoy each other’s company and journey. All my love, jbb

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Year3-Week14: Thoughts from the Educational Trenches


Year3-Week14: Thoughts from the Educational Trenches



I like being an educational grunt on the front lines in the classroom and take some pride that what others theorize about, I have to make happen. It might be a fool’s errand, but you can’t tell me what we’re supposed to be doing in the classroom if you’ve never spend any given week teaching in said classrooms. And it turns out that we tend to NOT plan for student resistance.

Twenty-six students per class and all it takes is two or three students committed to NOT following directions to derail the lesson plan. I have to confess that I tend to assume student buy-in, because the subject is so awesome, that I can be thrown off when students decide that they aren’t going to follow directions. Doh!

I was pleasantly surprised this past week when one third grade class followed directions as they began the LEGO WeDo unit and chose to complete the first lesson with minimal drama and almost every pair built their first robot before the end of class. The same could not be said for one fifth grade class that decided not to do their Scratch programming lesson and made it all about their dislike of their assigned partner, such that only one pair out of 12 completed the lesson. Something here needs to be adjusted.

Admin thinks it’s all about classroom discipline and “consequences,” but it’s a bit more complicated than that. Earlier robotics classes floundered because too much was expected with too little time to get the job done. We just ran out of time to get anything done and really have fun with the robots before our four-weekly-sessions were over. So, I simplified things and reduced the number of robot builds and added time to compete and reflect on the process. Conversely, I think the problem with Scratch is that because we’re not programming a physical device it’s harder to make the team thing work. It’s too easy to get derailed and choose to NOT follow directions. Building and programming a robot can be a two or three person activity, but Scratch really works better when everyone has their own computer to program. You wouldn’t know that if you haven’t spent time watching groups of students do the Scratch programming lessons. I should have known this from my Full Sail Labs experiences. Physical devices, like robots, can be group/paired experiences, while programming characters on a screen is better served when everybody gets to use their own computer/iPad.

We’re still spending way too much time just with the login/getting things started process. There are lab-supervision software programs that I really should push for, so that I can have better control of all the computers when I need to do whole class instruction. When I talked to a couple vendors about this, they admitted that they can do everything I need, except control iPads. So I can anticipate having to control iPad access more directly, because some kids are dedicated to derailing things. That said, I would like to see more instruction completely conducted via iPad, so that everyone has a device.

If we had enough iPads, I’d consider switching from Scratch to Apple’s Swift Playgrounds (which is iPad only). We would need five more iPads to make that work. At the same time Scratch itself is going HTML5 in January (and finally leaving Adobe Flash), which finally makes it something that we can do on either iPads or computers. So, I’m thinking that I’m going to shelve Scratch with 4th & 5th graders until January/February, when we can have either enough devices to Scratch is ready to be used on the devices we have.

I posted on one of my classroom walls the giant maps of our neighborhood created by my kindergarteners and first grade classes. I’m thinking that the follow-up activity will be for them to create houses and buildings using the small milk cartons that I collected earlier this month and then Velcro the little buildings to the map… Finally, second and third grade classes are into multiple weeks doing a “Student Learning Goals” research/presentation process (that was originally supposed to happen in one class period). So… lots of room for growth. What was that quote that I used from week two of this year:

“No plan survives contact with the enemy,” Helmuth von Moltke the Elder, German Field Marshal



Daily Selfie App Didn’t Survive iPhone Upgrade, Time to Rethink Priorities

2018-11-17 EveryDay images

Daily Selfie App Didn’t Survive iPhone Upgrade, Time to Rethink Priorities

2018-11-17 EveryDay images

2018-11-17 EveryDay images

I’ve been using on my iPhones since April 2011, using it to grab a daily selfie that could be used to create time-elapse videos. This was something that I began, in part, because these videos disproved something that I was accused of many years ago, that I only published flattering photos of myself while not giving others the same treatment. Anyway, lately I haven’t always taken the daily selfie, and I haven’t posted the videos in a couple of years, but I was really disappointed that my selfie library was gone (I had backed up the images in, but the showed no saved images). So, what now? Seriously, I really didn’t need an app to tell me to take a selfie every day, and given that I had already been gathering the selfies into an album in it wouldn’t be too difficult to drop the images into an iMovie project and spit out ye’ ol’ time-elapse video. At the same time I looked at other apps that would do the same daily reminder/time-elapse video output. One app looked interesting because instead of a still-image selfie this app centered around a 1-second daily video (1 Second Everyday: Video Diary by 1SE). That’s when I stopped and began to reconsider what the point was of all of this daily selfie/yearly video stuff was. Why was I doing this?

There’s some “historic” value of my past efforts, in that these images spanned two relationships, my years as a university professor, followed by under- and unemployment, my CIDP illness, and my move from Florida to Las Vegas, but was it still worth the effort? I mean, why bother? It might have been marginally interesting when I was going through my illness, but only those who were close to me might find something there worth even acknowledging. Like American Civil War era Daguerreotypes (though with considerably less gravitas), maybe this idea to capture a daily image to be used in a time-elapsed video had run its course.

Funny that something that was essentially a technology glitch would cause me to reconsider the purpose of continuing something that I’d been doing for over seven-years. Why am I, was I, doing this? Not entirely unrelated, the job pressures of late has had me thinking about where I had been spending my energies. Blog posts have really dropped off, and I’ve put more energy trying to resurrect my podcast, but I’m left with the question about what I’m trying to accomplish.

I’m resolved that I have an innate need to write and post these rambling thoughts, but always stumble when it come addressing the question as to the purpose behind all of this verbiage. What’s the point? Silly me, extending a technology glitch into an existential quandary. Damn. I have to write and attempt to communicate, but looking forward I want this effort to be more than wasted background noise on someone’s unacknowledged social feed. So, like the daily Swarm posts over the first two-years working in the STEAM Lab here in of Las Vegas, I’ve decided to reduce posts from the former daily image & snippet to weekly reflections about what’s going on in the Lab. But I’m still left asking, what’s the point? It’s not like I don’t already take images/videos every day trying to capture what’s going on in my classroom/lab or some moment away from the classroom. Okay, honestly, in the end, what’s really irritating me is that I’m being reminded of Life’s Transitory Nature by the death of a goddam iPhone app.

iOS/iPhone apps:

DailyRandomSh*t: “He Looked at Me Funny”

DailyRandomSh*t: “He Looked at Me Funny”

A quote from one of my kindergarten classes or Huckabee-Sanders explaining the last press-briefing kerfuffle? So the Reality-TV “president,” who is 100% dependent on being the constant first story in the 24-hour news cycle, has another plan to control the press… Wait for it… New rules of conduct for journalists covering the White House!

New Rules?! If “civility” becomes part of the new rules, how long before Cadet Bone Spurs get kicked out for name calling and his bad behavior? He claims to be everyone’s president, but only want to talk to those who like him or agree with him… that’s not how it works, kids. Time to turn off the sound and let “his base” stew in their own juices of nastiness. #Watch45WithTheSoundOff #ItIsWhatHeDoesNotWhatHeSays #ItIsNotNewsIfItIsTheSameOldLies #ContinueToResist