The Fisherman-DUST

Video Fridays: “The Fisherman”

This video popped in my feed the other day, which I remembered from years ago when I first encountered the Sci-Fi playlist organized under the DUST name. The story centers on a fisherman not making ends meet fishing for squid off of the shores of Hong Kong. One night, forced to quieter waters because of the noisy tourist boats and one obnoxious competitor, the fisherman is challenged by something much more threatening than an angry landlord. Enjoy

“The Fisherman”

In other news… Following the Monday holiday (Happy Juneteenth!) I found my school closed for the week and was forced to stay at home… I know, “poor baby.” So I spent the week working on my media blog (, reverting to my work to 4 A.M./get up at noon non-sleep-cycle, questioning the meaning of life and eventually deciding that I needed a little LEGO-build therapy. My life is much better than Wong’s, but I really want to get a better clue about how I should be spending my time without the existential crisis (thank you very much). 

2022-06-23_LEGO-build 21327 typewriter – timelapse

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