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Unexpected Personal Costs of Upgrading to the Latest MacOS

2019-10-15 Unexpected Personal Costs of Upgrading to the Latest MacOS-1

Unexpected Personal Costs of Upgrading to the Latest MacOS Moving to the latest MacOS means the end of older 32-bit apps. In the past I haven’t thought twice about jettisoning whatever apps haven’t been kept up-to-date and done the upgrade. This time I’ve been struck by a couple apps that would require a paid upgrade to keep using the apps.

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Which Road Are You On? You Should Spend Some Time On “The Road to Edmond”

The Road to Edmond

Which Road Are You On? You Should Spend Some Time On “The Road to Edmond” Just finished watching “The Road to Edmond.” It’s been over a decade since I’ve watched something that centers on telling a “Christian” story. I just don’t have time for stories with two-dimensional characters where the only “honest” people are the brave Christians who, in the

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Which Jesus?

I saw this post and immediately thought, “which Jesus?” It was complicated enough when the discussion was limited to personal piety, how to best live the words of the gospels, but to elevate things so that sins become crimes and that interpretations of the biblical texts become state issues is terrifying. Does anyone remember when civic western civilization last fell

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Daily Random Sh*t: As We Celebrate the Holidays Please Remember Universal Human Rights Day’s 70th Anniversary

Universal Human Rights - Eleanor Roosevelt

In a normal year we would celebrate the desire that everyone in every nation and region experience the fullness of human rights. This isn’t a normal year. Some would have us bicker that others aren’t worthy of “special treatment.” What happened to treat others as you would be treated? Especially at this time of year, you’d think we would want

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Daily Random Sh*t: Reckoning & The Bible

Virgin Mary Statues by Sean MacEntee

Daily Random Shit: Reckoning & The Bible In view of Senate candidate Roy Moore’s defenders & Moore’s apparent defiance & our culture’s history of predatory behavior my thoughts: Hiding behind the Bible is the shameful act of a predator… if this happened, no bible excuse even remotely justifies it… shameful. Image: Virgin Mary Statues by Sean MacEntdee, retrieved

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Believing in Evolution – Unexpected Bedfellows

DailyRandomShit for 2016-05-06 When this video came across my social feed I was pretty amazed. It was posted by a number of Christians as a proof against Evolution. Wow, it’s very refreshing to see Evangelical Christians promoting and agreeing with a Muslim. As for “disproving” evolution, the video producer makes several common mistakes such as proposing that humans came from

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