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Sweet As Whole by Sara Bareilles

DailyRandomShit for 2016-04-29 I always wondered why there were explicit lyrics warning stickers on sweet Sara Bareilles’ recordings. I thought that it was because she’s known for dropping an F-bomb or two in her live performances. Then my friend, Kellie, directed to this sweet little ditty in my direction. Enjoy & have an effing great weekend. BTW NSFW!

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Video Fridays: College GameDay Presents: Revenge Of The Nerds

Smart guys on the football field, I love it, especially because it goes against the social stereotype AND these guys really are smart. Granted, I’m quite biased when it comes to football, but I’m amazed at the number of smart folks that I hear from in tech who poo-poo sports like it’s somehow beneath them and a less than valuable

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Video Fridays: The Harmonica Man

In a recent conversation with mom she said that she’d heard that I had started to “entertain” again… which was her euphemism for saying that I was again playing my guitar to audiences. When I tried to explain why I stumbled a bit and ended up saying something about music being the one consistent part of my life since I

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Video Fridays: Crash Course World History

The Agricultural Revolution: Crash Course World History #1 When contemplating activities that might enrich ones life or existence one generally will not find “watching videos on YouTube” on the list. When public schools began to offer Internet access on campus one of the first sites to be blocked tended to a YouTube. We had to protect our students because the

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