Video Mondays: Take part in Blog Action Day October 16, 2013

It shouldn’t take a genius to recognize that one of the first steps to fixing a problem is to get a number of people to talk about the problem and create a buzz around the problem. In our world of instantaneous news and 15-second sound bites what we get in possible news-overload we lose because we can’t seem to focus on any one thing long enough to really do anything about it. Blog Action Day is an attempt to get bloggers to raise the level of sustained buzz on a particular topic, this year it is human rights, to begin the process of doing something meaningful about the issue. If you have a blog or participate in a blog, get on board and participate in the conversation.


In just a few days time, thousands of bloggers from around the world will be participating in a global conversation about Human Rights. Make sure you are part of this exciting blogging event by registering your blog and planning your post.

Register your blog now in English, Español or Português

Ideas and tips on how to get started on your Blog Action Day post:

Group Blog Post: By working with other bloggers, you can cover a particular issue in more depth or from different angles, and post across all of your sites.

Blog Swap or Guest Blogging: By doing your Blog Action Day post do as a blog swap or as a guest blogger on another site, you have the opportunity to interact with new audiences who you wouldn’t have reached otherwise.

Document the Process: If you are a member of a blogging network or group, you might like to document how your group is preparing for Blog Action Day. You can involve the audience by documenting the process and highlighting interesting bits of content you find in order to get the audience excited to see what your Blog Action Day post will be on October 16.

Take a look at the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It was developed by the United Nations in 1948 and has 30 different articles that each represent a particular Human Right.

Go through the articles and find one that resonates with you, then spend a few minutes reflecting on why you relate to it and you will quickly find that you have the beginnings of your Blog Action Day post.

If you have any other ideas, please share them on our site.

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