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Fitzgerald STEAM Lab Year 3 Debrief

Fitzgerald STEAMLab 2018-19 Kids and LEGOs

Fitzgerald STEAM Lab Year 3 Debrief White board note: Don’t do content & new tech skills in the same lesson… It’s been about a month since I turned in my keys and got off this past school’s years challenging teaching treadmill. I’ve been very busy taking care of the very many of the things that got neglected over the past

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The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer & The Community of Friends

The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer Turns out that famous recording artists are people with all the flaws, failings and feelings of everyone else you’ve ever known. As much as that should be a “duh,” I was pretty disappointed after Melissa Etheridge’s jilted partner aired dirty laundry about how Etheridge saved her emotions for her songs. That disclosure, true

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Video Tuesdays: Dancing Across the World/Where the Hell is Matt 2012

As the world continues to look like a battlefield, the following video rolled across my download stream. Matt Harding actually began recording himself doing his unique jig while traveling in Vietnam in 2003, but the video that many of us remember as being the first of Harding’s viral videos was posted in 2005 (second video below). At a time when

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Kats – Too Soon Gone But Ever Here

What is it about the holiday season that insists on compressing so much good and bad into the same moment? I couldn’t make it to California so when my siblings got together at mom’s place Saturday I arranged to video-chat with them. I was a little disappointed to find that older sister, Kathie, wasn’t in attendance. I was told that

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Video Wednesdays: The American Dream

What does it mean to be an American? What was it that our military veterans sacrificed themselves for? Is it just where one is born or is there a quality or belief that can be said to be American? I ask because I thought that a fundamental part of what it means to be American is the belief that anyone

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Video Mondays: The NYC Photographer and Human Touch

This story showed up in my feed last week from CBS News, “On the Road with Steve Hartman,” about a NYC photographer who was creating a series of portraits based on having strangers posing for him in slightly intimate positions that belies the fact that before that moment these people didn’t know one another. The reporter was astounded that the

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