Video Fridays: If This Isn’t “Us” Prove It!

Normally I would pick something beautiful and comforting at the end of our usually demanding weeks, but I’m pissed. I’m pissed because I have more than a few politically conservative friends who stood by me when I was gravely ill and offered support and compassion, but right now when our country needs the same support and compassion they are largely silent and otherwise “distracted.” Smart, compassionate, giving friends, many I grew up with, who I have to believe know better, are being used by a much smaller group of individuals to promote a lie and causing great harm to our country.

Seriously, one of these friends is a lawyer and as much as we can agree that our legal system is far from perfect, you are going to turn a blind eye to the fact that Trump lost all 60-plus lawsuits claiming election irregularities and either claim that “we just don’t know” or just not say anything. When you lose all of the lawsuits (with some judges nominated by Trump), that would generally be the time when you accept the outcome and regroup. You don’t continue to promote the lie and incite an insurrection. Just like you have continually admonished, “hate the sin, but love the sinner,” I’m trying to appeal to the part of you that wants this country to be the best we can be. You know, a democracy where everyone’s vote counts, not just the votes that agree with you… I challenge you to speak up and admit that your guy lost “fair and square” and move on to better things.

Because if you don’t and we continue down this path, there will be another attempt to overthrow the government and there are no guarantees that we won’t lose everything that we care about, that it doesn’t lead to endless battles and the end of this experiment in democracy. What’s that quote, all tyranny needs to exist is for good people to do nothing… (apparently not Edmund Burke…). The point is that I know we can do better. I know that you are better than this. I am amazed at the restraint demonstrated by the capitol police that didn’t result in anyone attempting to breach the capitol building not be mowed down with automatic weapons.

Please watch the following video and tell me that this is a demonstration of “appropriate political discourse.” I thought we voted and voluntarily followed the vote’s dictates so that we could avoid this attempted violent overthrow of the government. Or does that only apply when the vote goes your way… Because of the “nature” of this video, you might need to click the video and go to youtube to view it… what does that tell you?

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