2020-05-21 Adios Fitzgerald & Thanks

Video Fridays: Takin it to the Streets

Talking with a friend this past week, she said that she wasn’t hopeful about the future. In her work she deals with a lot of medicated twenty-somethings who seem entirely too fragile. My experience working with middle-school proto-humans shifts from exhaustion to hope, depending on the moment when asked. But my hope is that their innate bullshit meter stays viable through adolescence into adulthood, such that when they become a voting block they do the things we wanted to do in the 1960s and 70s when we knew that the War on Drugs was just an excuse to incarcerate people of color. Like any great narrative the ending to our part of the tale is yet untold.

Then the following video popped up in my feed, a blast from the 70s that seems entirely relevant and much needed today. I am hopeful, but well aware that it’s going to take a lot more than pontificating from the Internet for any of this to change for the better. Have a great weekend everyone.


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