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Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us

RSA study: drive

Why do we do what we do? Some might respond that asking such questions is a typical first-world problem, that it’s the modern equivalent to trying to figure out how many angels can dance on the head because with so many people going hungry in the world and in our own country, how dare we waste time entertaining such things

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Circles Within Circles – Running into FS Ads

Went looking for information about local Macintosh user groups and thought to begin by visiting the website of one of my favorite mac-macs, Lesa Snyder King. She had several user groups listed but none within striking distance from my domicile. Damn. So while I cruising about the website looking for info I stumble upon the ad list here to the

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Zander Reflections Part 3

Sometimes the reflections on the Zander book, The Art of Possibility, are much more… “ground level.” One student commented: I loved Benjamin Zander’s analogy of the conductor and orchestra. Too often educators forget that we are not there to fill there little brains with information all day long. This is where the NCLB act has brought us, though. His analogy

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Zander Reflections Part 2

My students continue their reflections on the Zander book, The Art of Possibility. This time the musing is about the possible ramifications of the realization that “Reality” is not what we thought it was: I try not to allow Zander’s conceptualism bother me–it goads me like a poker when he says “language is replete with a variety of ‘things’ that

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