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Blog Reunification/Relaunch as joebustillos.com

Blog Reunification/Relaunch as joebustillos.com I used to think that it was a problem that I could never narrow down my writing or my blog posts to one subject. I mean, I know that I cringe when the tech podcasters I follow venture into areas outside their expertise. Alas, having experimented with separating my many interests into separate blogs, I find treating these things as separate … Continue reading Blog Reunification/Relaunch as joebustillos.com

Monday Morning Reflections & Renewal

Nothing represents new beginnings for me as much as Monday mornings. Or maybe I’m just being influenced by the changing weather/seasons and the approach of Spring Break almost immediately followed by Summer Break. It’s all one giant RESET button for me, right now. I’m thinking what do I have to get done right now, what do I have to get done this week, what can … Continue reading Monday Morning Reflections & Renewal

It’s Not Supposed To Be This Difficult – Blogging in 2015

Part 1 – 2015-11-03 I think I got bored over the summer and decided that I wanted to go from the relatively inexpensive WordPress.com to the extremely customizable “self-hosted” version of WordPress (the version used by WP gurus and whole businesses built on supporting/creating these sites…). Since then I’ve “duplicated” the main blog, though there were about 1,000 posts that didn’t seem to make the … Continue reading It’s Not Supposed To Be This Difficult – Blogging in 2015

Portfolio v Posts v Pages in WordPress

2015-08-13_academic-portfolio-mindmap Remember what I said the other day about not having the time or energy to be working on my blog? Yeah, I lied. Having scanned in over 30-years of papers, projects and school notes and over 50-years of photos, I’m attempting to be a lot more systematic on how things get posted/shared. After looking over dozens of themes, I thought that I might pull … Continue reading Portfolio v Posts v Pages in WordPress

WordPress.ORG or WordPress.COM

2015-08-12_wordpress-org-error Last week I bit the bullet and signed up for an account with DreamHost so that I can move my blog(s) from the free WordPress.com hosting to a self-hosting site. It’s been a bumpy road. I’m not entirely sure that it’s worth the hassle. 2015-08-12 8:45am I’m now getting an error message: “A problem occurred with this webpage so it was reloaded” And the … Continue reading WordPress.ORG or WordPress.COM

From $200 a Year to $20 (or Less)!

I started playing with WordPress.com today & moved my whole blog over to see if I could really get away with ditching my self-hosted blog. I recognize that web-hosting is not a very big concern except for maybe one out of … everyone. In my workgroup I think that there’s only one other person who has his own web server account. If I ditch my … Continue reading From $200 a Year to $20 (or Less)!

iBooks Author & the Post-Website World

I just finished taking an extensive tutorial on the Apple product iBooks Author and it really got me thinking about the post website world. What I mean is that Apple has been trying for decades to create the right combination of tools to enable their users to unleash their creativity on the world. Among other problems, the chief conduit of sharing this creativity has been a mode of communication that was primarily designed to make it possible for scholars to access each others’ papers. In other words, from its inception, the Internet has a narrow set of tools meant to share text or highly compressed versions of other media. It’s remarkable how much can be shared via such small pipes and such non-artist-friendly tools. Apple’s last tool, iWeb, attempted to bridge the kind of page-layout tools used for magazines and graphic design with the limitations of html and the Internet. But as easy as these tools were to use I think Apple discovered that everyone did want to take pictures and make videos, but no one wanted to go through the hassle of putting up a website to post their creative works. But what could not be controlled on the Internet was quite a different thing if one were to use tablets, specifically iPads, as the means of sharing… But, realistically, we’re still dealing with more hassle than most are willing to deal with. I don’t think Apple cares about that or is under any delusion that the vast majority of wanna-be photographers or videographers are going to rush to iBooks Author to share their works. I think that tools like iPhoto and iMovie and the iPhone and iPad will continue to serve the needs of folks who just want to whip out the pictures from the weekend trip or videos from the vacation and YouTube and Facebook will continue to be the easiest way to share one’s work with friends and family. But what happens when one wants to create something more than snapshots from the weekend or something more involved than a 90-second video of the baby dancing? I know this problem well.

Continue reading “iBooks Author & the Post-Website World”