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Video Fridays: Crash Course World History

The Agricultural Revolution: Crash Course World History #1 When contemplating activities that might enrich ones life or existence one generally will not find “watching videos on YouTube” on the list. When public schools began to offer Internet access on campus one of the first sites to be blocked tended to a YouTube. We had to protect our students because the

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Video Fridays: Sittin’ On The Dock of The Bay, Gimme Shelter & Imagine – Playing For Change project

I’ve sat in enough bars and dives on the West Coast and in Florida to know that some of the best music I’ve ever heard has come from the beautiful souls who just want to share their gift and maybe score a few beers. Folks that the record labels would never bother with because they lack the right look or

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Video Fridays: Same Hill, Different Day & Show your pride. Share your love

Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth… It dawned on me that my video picks over the past few weeks have leaned heavily in the Sci-Fi/escapist territory, so today I chose two videos more earth-bound. The first is a celebration of what a neat place we live on…

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Video Fridays: It’s NOT About the Nail… Relationships

How is it that in less than two-minutes this video encapsulates the basic communication land mines that complicate relationships and how women look for something completely different versus men when they are really trying to bare their souls? This would also be the hill upon which my first and only marriage died over twenty-five years ago. Enjoy(?). I’m sorry, but

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Video Fridays: It Gets Better – NASA Edition

I was just cruisin’ around my feeds and found a silly one about an astronaut shaving his head in on the International Space Station (“Close Shave“) when I saw this other video listed in the playlist. I knew the reference but having memories of the NASA of the PR-driven “Right Stuff” era I was a bit surprised and quite happy

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