Fan Shaming Be Damned

Daily Random Shit for 2016-04-01: Fan Shaming Be Damned A female friend posted this article, saying that most of her male friends aren’t even into sports… That popped a balloon for me…   My response: Stereotypes be damned, shaming someone who prefers sports versus foreign films be damned. They’re not mutually exclusive. There’s room for […]


Blame Fail

Daily Random Sh*t for 2016-03-24 The stupid hurts. I think I’ll confront a random Catholic about the inquisition, a random German about World War II, a random Afrikaans about Apartheid, a random Japanese person about the Rape of Nanking, and random twenty-dollar bill about The Trail of Tears… That makes sense. media-credit: @MatthewDoyle31 – Twitter Post by […]