TWiTs Get A Brick House

I’ve been a fan of Leo Laporte and his various projects beginning with finding the old ZD-TV and a kindred geek-soul while channel surfing. He used to joke that this was everyone’s worse nightmare: a geek with his own TV show. Apparently it’s the kind of nightmare that many of us would consider our dearest […]


Leo Laporte Crowd Surfs @Diggnation SXSW Rock Show

Leo Laporte has said time and time again that New Media is about the community and not trumped-up rockstars. He proved it Saturday night at the Diggnation show during the SXSW Interactive-media conference by trusting the 3,200 gathered to carry his body aloft from the stage toward the back of the gathered throng. Translation: the […]


TWiT Reflection into the New Decade

I’ve been watching Leo since the early ZD-TV days. It feels like it was early Internet, but it really wasn’t. Here was a guy and a show that was part of this tech world that I was a part of, that no one else understood. So for their last podcast for 2009, TWiT 228, they […]