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Looking for Creagan McConnell: The Man and The Myths [1994 documentary]

Looking for Creagan McConnell: The Man and The Myths [1994 documentary] In 1994 my best friend, Creagan McConnell, announced that he was going to move to Arizona to help his folks build their home. I produced the following video, with the help of many others, to share at his going away party. A second video (posted at the bottom of

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Many Thanks Indeed 2011 – Reissued

Originally posted 11/25/2011 This time last year I was spending a conspiratorial week traveling from Orlando to Southern California and then up to Northern California and back with my brother and his bride-to-be to do their wedding. It was meant to be in secret for reasons that escape me at the moment but the plot had been uncovered by older

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Second Day of Spring Break

03-25 Before the Walk w/ Dad Originally uploaded by boringcom Spring break day 2 itinerary: walk w/ dad, set up family stickam room, dinner w/ fam/friends @ local Mexican restaurant. Out of control SringBreak! # 2008-03-25 Powered by Twitter Tools Muisc/Podcast: NPR News: 03-25-2008 7AM ET from the album “NPR: 7AM ET News Summary” by NPR Technorati Tags: comedy, family,

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With a Little Help from My Friends

How do I sum up the last two days with Holly and Greg and Full Sail? Kind’a stupid to try, so I’ll just refer to the smiles and crazy idea that I can find community, fun and my calling with these happy strangers. My friend, Mix, said it five years ago. I am an optimist. Now, I have a shit-load

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How Did I Get Here?

“Hey Skitch, how did we get here?” “I lead you here, sir, for I am Sparticus.” Leo to Shades in “That Thing You Do” I’m trying to wrap my head around my fortunate circumstances. Yesterday after uploading my lesson plans and agendas for the week I stepped out for brunch but ended up spending a mindless day at Taco Beach.

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