41 – Indie Film Explores Time

DailyRandomShit for 2016-04-15: “41”

I’m lucky enough to live near an amazing Art/Indie Theater, The Enzian, where I get to regularly see wonderful and challenging examples of human creativity and storytelling. Then sometimes I find something wonderful randomly on YouTube. Enjoy.

Video Tuesdays: Plurality & Fearing Big Brother

2013-07-09 plurality
I’m a fan of ubiquitous technology and frictionless networking. I’ve seen the benefits of the connected lifestyle since the days of pagers and 30-pound “transportable” word processors in the mid-1980s. When ATM cards were a new thing I saw the convenience while some friends feared the Mark of the Beast. I guess I always saw the benefit and downplayed the possible abuse. So, at what point should I become concerned that the “targeted marketing” used by trusted companies like Google can too easily become tracking and surveillance?

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