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Daily Random Sh*t: New Smaller Camera: Olympus OMD EM10 Mark III

Daily Random Shit: New Smaller Camera: Olympus OMD EM10 Mark III Smaller, cooler, retro-looking, I’m really looking forward to shooting with this camera. I wish I knew about these mirrorless cameras when I upgraded my Canon Rebel last Spring. I’m thinking of “trading in” my old and new Canon cameras to cover the cost of buying a second Olympus (body).

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Tweaking Tech & The How Much Is Your Time Worth

I have a co-worker whom I tease endlessly because when he switched from iPhone to a Samsung phone, he always seemed to be spending his time tweaking the device to do the things his iPhone used to do. He is happier having a much larger screen for less money. And I’m all about having choices and competition between tech vendors,

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Aspirational Technology Acquisitions: My New Kindle Paperwhite

It’s either a genuine first world problem or a sign that I really need a life, or both, but I’ve come to discover that sometimes I’ve purchase technology with great intentions, but seem to fall way short. Sad. In my earlier lifetime before PCs I bought books. Notice, I said that I bought books, not that I read books. In

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The Frustrated Confessions of a former Tele-Commuter

The recent kerfuffle about TWiT.tv letting go of news anchor Tom Merritt resurfaced the conversation about whether teams can really work together when some team members work remotely. Turns out that it may have been more a contract issue than an “in the office” issue, but it still is a thing that even high tech companies have prejudices connected to

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