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Fitzgerald STEAM Lab Year 3 Debrief

Fitzgerald STEAMLab 2018-19 Kids and LEGOs

Fitzgerald STEAM Lab Year 3 Debrief White board note: Don’t do content & new tech skills in the same lesson… It’s been about a month since I turned in my keys and got off this past school’s years challenging teaching treadmill. I’ve been very busy taking care of the very many of the things that got neglected over the past

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What the Heck is edm613 Media Asset Creation – A Student’s View

Last week I was all proud of the presentation I’d given to my fellow course directors explaining what my class was all about. I had intended to make a video version of that presentation and post it here to help spread the Full Sail/EMDTMS love. Then one of my students turned in the following piece as his “Show Me What

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