Ed Tech: Tools to Manage the Classroom

Education & Technology: Tools to Manage the Classroom When I came into the classroom in 1995, after 15-years at the phone company, I had no idea what one could or couldn’t do with technology so I just adapted what I’d already been doing with computers, mostly writing and some video. I used Printshop to create […]


Shiny Boxes, Part II: One Size Does Not Fit All

When we last left our hero I was trying to make an unwielding login model student friendly. Fast-forward three years, it’s the Spring of 2004, we had just ordered 16 new Gateway PCs and with nine previously purchased the year before I requested that the district install their image of Windows XP and install our […]


Pie-in-the-Sky Computer Lab

Two years ago, during my OMAET program I projected that in ten years computers as would be largely embedded devices, that voice recognition and head’s up displays would “come of age” enough so that all one would need is a very small storage device with the transmitters, I/O and storage media.* This past year IBM […]