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Grading Rants for a Monday – Inspired by the Art of Possibility

One of the books that I use for my course is the inspirational The Art of Possibility and in one of the opening chapters the authors, Ben & Roz Zander, propose getting rid of grades. This usually invokes strong pros and cons reactions from my students. For example… “The author of the book, “The Art of Possibility” made a statement

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Save the Prize – Cha-Ching Version

Part of my class at Full Sail University involves issues of Copyright, Fair Use and Creative Commons. One of the videos I share is about the difficulty a particular video documentarian is having securing the rights so that he can share his documentary “Eyes on the Prize” The video prompted the following video response by one of my students (and

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Emdt student Kevin Hayes created this video with the catch phrase: “If what you learn doesn’t change what you do, then why you learnin’ it?” Kevin is a very committed believer and has shared the connection he feels between his beliefs and his actions. There’s something amazingly simple and powerful in this. And in his video he illustrates it so

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What the Heck is edm613 Media Asset Creation – A Student’s View

Last week I was all proud of the presentation I’d given to my fellow course directors explaining what my class was all about. I had intended to make a video version of that presentation and post it here to help spread the Full Sail/EMDTMS love. Then one of my students turned in the following piece as his “Show Me What

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Copyright This!

Since the very first month of teaching my graduate media course at Full Sail University my students have struggled with the vagueness and conflicting messages surrounding the topics of copyright and fair use. Tasking educators, many of whom are very new to online anything, to creating an unending number of audio podcasts, videos, blog entries and assorted media projects and

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