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Consumer-Grade Technology Won’t Cut It In the Classroom

Nothing will shake out the bugs and defects in anything quite like exposure to the energy and intensity of elementary students. I’ve seen nicely manufactured kid-friendly robots happily fail to drive forward after only two-weeks of exposure to elementary students. And we’re not talking about driving them off tables or running them into walls or any other forms of robot/technology

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Art of Possibility Reflection: Unexpected Directions & Unanticipated Destinations

I just finished updating the reading part of my course and I somehow ended up telling my own story of Possibility. At this point in the course my students have read the first nine chapters of the Art of Possibility and are finishing up their final week in my course. They are just about to begin their last month in

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Guess I’ll Have To Get a New iPod

My after-lunch students have been, shall we say, “problematic.” Middle-school students are legendary for their capacity to do anything but what is required of them. They are the best at simply stonewalling and doing dozens of menial tasks like continously sharpening their pencils until the hour is over. Generally they’re very good at waging a war of attrition. Friday the

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