The Alternative WP apps

I was listening to an excellent interview of one of the creators of Scrivener, a word processing app, by Your Mac Life’s Shawn King and became very enthusiastic about using a word processing app that’s specifically designed for longer text like a thesis, dissertation or novel. I’ve been looking for the word processing promised land […]


Broke Bookends

Remember how impressed I was last time when I was using online research tools? Yeah, in the meantime I’ve run headlong into a less than amazing experience. I went so far as to pay for the upgrade of my copy of Bookends, only to get weird error messages when it can’t read PDFs and doesn’t […]


Zotero & RefWorks: Damn Web-Based Apps that Work

I’ve been going at it all day, one tutorial after another, pausing to answer student queries online and then moving on to the next item in the EBSCO/ERIC search. I’ve been experimenting with Zotero and RefWorks and my mind has been continually amazed that I can so easily import library citations (with full articles) so […]