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The Consequences of Unfocused Blogging


The Consequences of Unfocused Blogging So, during last winter break I decided i the hopes of simplifying things that I needed to bring all of my various “blogs” (of varying interests and subjects) on to this main blog: joebustillos.com. Truthfully my blogging/posting average has dropped significantly since the Full Sail years when blogging was actually part of one of the

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The Last Week of Winter Break

post-SC Rose Bowl romp, 3rd movie in 3 days. “I am Legend” in 7 minutes. L8r IRL & online-Life # having a hard time getting work done at home, lots to do between now and next monday when school restarts. ack # got to get back to work, must stop watching the worldwide twitters on http://twittervision.com # • installing bootcamp

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