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Fan Shaming Be Damned

Daily Random Shit for 2016-04-01: Fan Shaming Be Damned A female friend posted this article, saying that most of her male friends aren’t even into sports… That popped a balloon for me…   My response: Stereotypes be damned, shaming someone who prefers sports versus foreign films be damned. They’re not mutually exclusive. There’s room for […]


The Joke is on Us

Random Daily Shit for 2016-03-29: The Joke is on Us It began as a joke anti-campaign that struck a real nerve. How many times have we seen this plot before, usually in high school dramas/comedies? Alas, very few figured it out and now the attention-whore really thinks he should be king. It really is a […]


Tornado Encounter – Not Dummies

Daily Random Shit for 2016-03-21: Not Dummies My friend, Beaux, posted the following clip: Crazy. But then I saw this comment below the video & felt the need to respond: Justin W. Ford: Dummies Me: Wow. Nothing like having a mini-tornado drop on you. As for Justin’s “Dummies” comment, I’m sure this sort of thing […]