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Year3-Week7: Course Adjustments

Year3-Week7: Course Adjustments I’ve gone on record saying that you make (teaching) plans so that you can pivot and change them based on the circumstances. This was that kind of week. For the past couple weeks I had been running the ragged edge trying to roll out the three thematic curriculum programs for my six grade levels and getting this year’s robotics team up and … Continue reading Year3-Week7: Course Adjustments

Slowing Down at the Wrong Time

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Friday morning, before the kids come in, I’m thinking about all the things I need to get done. I could just prioritize everything on the pending due dates, but there’s also the varying levels of emotional energy need to for each task to take into account. In fact, since returning from AZ I’m horrified to discover that I seem to have the same “one task” a day syndrome that my folks have, in that after work I seem to be able to accomplish only one task before pooping out and wanting to crawl into bed. Scary thought, that I seem to be slowing down just when I need to ramp way up. Ack.

So, in approximate order of due dates, here’s a partial list of things-to-do:

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