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Lost Weekend: Behavior, Practice, Expression

Shit. I am so lost. I stayed up way too late Friday night/Saturday morning screwing around on the computer. I wanted to work on the school website and began the process but decided that it was a lost cause because I wasn’t going to be able to get everything that I want to do finished in time for the PR

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A Deeper Struggle

Christmas morning… actually when I finished writing last night it was already Christmas morning (4:30 AM). My friend called back on her way home from Huntington Beach and we talked about everything until about two-thirty. I was still working on mom’s computer until 4:30 when I decided I needed to lie down for a bit. That’s how I spent my

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Christmas eve, Bustillos residence south. I’m re-installing Windows XP on mom’s computer because it was giving her weird error/restart messages when she went online and I’m waiting for a call from a friend about breakfast tomorrow morning. This isn’t exactly a normal Christmas reflection. I remember complaining one time about the realization many years ago about how sad it was

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Weirdness & Sex

Vineyard Christian Fellowship, Costa Mesa. Today’s subject: “Everybody Does It” Sexual Morals in America… Oh great, talk about stepping headlong into the buzz-saw. Well, this is where I’ve come to see miracles. Here we go… Damn, I’m just another stat (pastor rattling on about the state of marriage and promiscuity in America and the church). Ack. Even though the first

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