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Sunday Rants: Fake SitRoom PhotoOp & #HonorThePress

2019-10-27 FakePrezFakeSitRoomPhotoOp2

#PhotoOpFakePrez Figures that the fake president would have a fake situation room image pretending to being there when the “deal” went down… as with most bad “leaders” he couldn’t be bothered to leave the golf course when the hard work was being done, but insists on being in the post-action photo-op and then presenting it as if he were actual

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Daily Random Sh*t: Grow Up 45, said my conservative friend

My conservative friend, Reo, posted the above comment. My response comment: I agree (with the a Trump part). The quality of the character of the person doing this job is rather important. He does not seem to be up to the task. It’s interesting to demand that a 70-year-old grow up and act presidential. All the presidents make mistakes, especially

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Daily Random Sh*t: Hurt Him Where He’s Most Vulnerable #BlockTrump

In the end, one powerful way to deal with a bully is to shut down his ability to get under your skin. After the election, while listening to former Fox News personality, Megyn Kelly talk to PBS’s Fresh Air host, Terry Gross, about how Trump bullied her using Twitter and inspiring his “Twitter Army” to invade her life, some literally

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