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That Dude is Old… Crap, That’s Me & Other Online Conspiracies

2019-07-19 FaceApp - much older

That Dude is Old… Crap, That’s Me & Other Online Conspiracies Someone on one of my FB groups decided to challenge us to do a FaceApp selfie, mostly ‘cause we’re weird like that. Alas, that post went almost nowhere because of all of the concern about the FaceApp app sending your info to some Russian spy factory. I was meh

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Beware of Joe & His Camera


This is a vent and a bit of a rant. It’s probably unwise for me to share this, and so I want to offer a blanket apology to anyone who feels that I’m being unfair or that it’s wrong for me to write about this. I guess that’s kind’a what this comes down to: as a writer (and photographer) I’m

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