Have An Informed Opinion: Volunteer at Your Local School

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pledge of allegiance false claim

pledge of allegiance false claim

So this showed up in my feed…. maybe these people should actually spend time visiting or volunteering at their local schools instead of watching right wing propaganda on their TVs and then throwing virtual rocks from their computers…. here was my response:

“I cannot repost this. My school does the pledge and 30-seconds of silence every day. You might want to be more specific with your accusation against this “They” that you are referring to. I suggest, if you don’t like something about your local school, volunteer and help us, instead of blindly throwing accusations that very likely are untrue. No organization is perfect, why not volunteer to fix it rather than undermine it with nostalgia tainted lies.”

Pot Calling out The Kettle: tRumpf and Amazon



The guy who bragged that not paying taxes was “smart” attacks Amazon for not paying their fair share?! Didn’t he just sign a bill into law designed to lower the taxes of large businesses and billionaires? Oh, right, besides his poor memory skills, such things only apply to whatever he watches that morning on “Fox & Friends.” Also, Amazon’s use of the USPS is probably tremendously helping the service (which is NOT tax-supported), you moron.


Source: https://twitter.com/realdonaldtrump/status/979326715272065024

On Knowing What Other People Are Thinking

2017-07-15_SRT_WH-IMG_1941 by Joe Bustillos

In an exchange that began with a conservative friend fretting over CNN’s obvious obsession with bringing down tRumph he commented, turns out accidentally, that in view of the scandals he’d blame Melania for leaving tRumph. That didn’t make sense so I commented:

You’d blame Melania if she left Trump? That doesn’t seem to make sense. She should “stand by here man” while he has multiple affairs? That doesn’t make sense. And Clinton’s alleged misbehavior doesn’t give a Trump a pass.

Does CNN want to bring down Trump or are they unapologetic about reporting legal actions being conducted in relation to his actions before, during and after the election? Bill Clinton, sad that he didn’t live up to his ideals… again, that doesn’t excuse Trump’s behavior in view of the open investigations and legal situation his administration is currently engaged in.

Where’s the line? Paying off porn-stars to not talk about affairs? Using stolen emails as political canon fodder? Promising to put in Russia-friendly state department personal in favor of “loans” and “business arrangements”? Where’s the line?

My friends response, noting that he meant to say that wouldn’t blame Mrs. tRumph III for leaving …

“Joe, I meant to say that I WOULDN’T BLAME Melania if she did. The only reason HRC “stood by her man” was so that she could stay in power. I am not trying to give Trump a pass, and Clinton’s alleged misbehavior – especially during office – cheapened his presidency. Immorality is immorality. Marriage vows are supposed to mean something. What I find interesting is how HRC sought to destroy each of the women who brought such allegations. Where was her support for the women who had been sexually assaulted by her husband? Too bad there wasn’t a #MeToo movement going on at that time. Rather, the Democrats in power, at the time, stated that “We had to learn to understand why Bill Clinton did what he did, and to “just give him a chance”. No such mercy for Trump.”

Yeah, the only reason I’m bringing up this exchange is the assumption to know what someone is thinking and not attributing the same humanity one would hope to have others attribute to ones own actions. I see this all the time with tech journalists assuming to know why company Z released some product, etc. As frustrating as it can be for these wanna-be super sleuths or arm-chair psychoanalysts, no one who has studied human intentionality would risk to fathom the real thoughts behind the words or actions of others. I would also caution those wanting to make mental/medical diagnosis on tRumpf from afar. These are concerns that will need to be written into law, just like the nepotism laws that followed JFK’s presidency and oversight laws following Nixon’s presidency.

But on the human level, to assume to know that Hillary didn’t divorce Bill because X, Y or Z is pure backyard gossip. You don’t know. And to use the phrase “Marriage vows are supposed to mean something” in defense of a president who has shown a consistent blatant disregard for his marriage vows for all three of his marriages, is pretty much without merit. Regardless of Bill & Hillary’s marriage ills (a marriage, by the way, that is still intact) none of this gives tRumpf and his many wives and many lovers a pass. Period. Frankly, being an imperfect human with my own closet full of character flaws, I’d be moved to understand his failings if he (and Bill, at the time) stood up to his critics and acknowledged his failing and said it was an issue(s) between him and his family and throw off the robe of Christian morals and admit that he is/was only interested in adding the belief that beautiful women found him attractive and he couldn’t and didn’t say “no.” Then we’d have a different discussion.

Right now all we have is backyard gossip, where Melania has wisely stayed silent, Hillary is dragged into it because she’s had the nerve to have a political opinion and act on it for the past 30-years, the current president has no respect for any vows whatsoever, the ruling party continually backs hypocrites and can’t get anything done because of their radical “burn it all down” right flank, and devout Christians have sold their alleged moral high ground for a seat on the supreme court. Don’t tell me that you know what anyone was thinking, because you elected a “soupreme” commander with the attention-span of a gnat.


Why Aren’t We Fixing This


Why Aren’t We Fixing This?

If this problem wasn’t presenting as a political thing, what would we be doing to fix it and why aren’t we doing that now? I don’t give a damn how you feel about guns, or mental health, or the NRA, or Citizens United, or illegal aliens, or DJT, or the second amendment… the United States of American has a problem with a small number of its citizens killing as many people as possible in a frequency unlike any other country in history. And we’ve completely failed to work toward a solution. Read the following article about the people who were tragically killed Wednesday. Let the faces sink in. Own it. Mourn the loss. Then get up and do something about it. Thoughts and prayers aren’t getting it done. Clicking on Facebook and hashtags aren’t getting it done. And if you believe that nothing can be done, please kindly shut the fuck up and get out of the way for those who are working toward a solution. I don’t know about you but I’m more than a little overwhelmed and depressed right now. But after I’m done mourning this tragedy I’m going to get actively involved addressing this problem . I do not want to hand this world over to my granddaughter where the act of just going to school can have fatal consequences. Please spend some time reading the following article and get to know the 17 who have paid the price for our inaction.


Daily Random Sh*t: The Cost of Being Self-Aware in this “Donald Moment”

1098-CorrinCampbell” by U.S. Army, https://flic.kr/p/8pqUYz

Daily Random Sh*t: The Cost of Being Self-Aware in this Donald Moment

A friend lamented:
I wake up every day feeling like an unredeemable pile of sub-human garbage knowing that nothing I can do will ever change it… meanwhile.. we got a guy who can barely form coherent sentences claiming to be a genuis. Thinking he’s great when his words and actions point to him being a horrible human being.. I am not sure if I am jealous or feel sorry for him.

Amid all the supportive responses, I posted:

Yeah, actually being self-aware can be a bitch… but given how many real friends you have who really appreciate you, that is much better than living in a delusional cloud. I want to experience the real highs in life, I’ve got to risk also experiencing the lows. Alas, the giant-comb-over is one of our shared lows which we all are working toward seeing a quick exit from our shared lives. Who knew that one asshole could set so many of us on a path of discovery and self awareness. Be well, my friend, we’re in this together.

Image: “1098-CorrinCampbell” by U.S. Army, https://flic.kr/p/8pqUYz

Daily Random Sh*t: As We Celebrate the Holidays Please Remember Universal Human Rights Day’s 70th Anniversary

Universal Human Rights - Eleanor Roosevelt

In a normal year we would celebrate the desire that everyone in every nation and region experience the fullness of human rights. This isn’t a normal year. Some would have us bicker that others aren’t worthy of “special treatment.” What happened to treat others as you would be treated? Especially at this time of year, you’d think we would want the best for everyone, instead of limiting the good we experience to us and our own. Every person and family should be free and have full access to the good (rights) that many of us enjoy. This shouldn’t be some political “us against them” thing. We do better when all of us experience our full human rights.

70th Anniversary of Declaration of Universal Human Rights

Daily Random Sh*t: Pot Meet Kettle

Daily Random Shit: Pot Meet Kettle

So, why is 45, the self-proclaimed pu$$y grabber with several open harassment complaints, commenting on the alleged behavior of others? Do we hold the president of the United States to a lower standard of behavior than others in positions of power? Or is it all a cloud of cross-accusatory “but he did it first/too/whatever!”

#ResistHarrassmentInAllForms #Unacceptable4PresidentToo #HollywoodMoreEthicalThanTrump

Source (tweet): https://mobile.twitter.com/realdonaldtrump/status/931357870024687616

Daily Random Sh*t: Reckoning & The Bible

Virgin Mary Statues by Sean MacEntee

Daily Random Shit: Reckoning & The Bible

In view of Senate candidate Roy Moore’s defenders & Moore’s apparent defiance & our culture’s history of predatory behavior my thoughts: Hiding behind the Bible is the shameful act of a predator… if this happened, no bible excuse even remotely justifies it… shameful.


Virgin Mary Statues by Sean MacEntdee, https://flic.kr/p/9NBRTb retrieved 2017-11-11, creative common – attribution license

Daily Random Sh*t: Fire from the Sky

MVHS classmate, dentist & military veteran posted the above image, which generated the included exchange with my brother below:

My response:

I’m sure you’ve seen some very dark things that’s convinced you that they should all be wiped out. I recall a story about someone who came to the same conclusion and used a flood to do the deed. Sad that we’re convinced that they are different from us, pure evil, such that fire from the sky is the only solution we can foster. And how fortunate that we won the birth lottery through no effort on our own and generally don’t have to worry about fire from the sky raining down on us. I wonder if the boot was on the other foot would we still be convinced that all of them, children, grandmothers, deserve death… that all of them are evil. I’m sure you’ve seen some fucked up things. I wonder what they saw.