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Daily Selfie App Didn’t Survive iPhone Upgrade, Time to Rethink Priorities

2018-11-17 EveryDay images

I’ve been using Everyday.app on my iPhones since April 2011, using it to grab a daily selfie that could be used to create time-elapse videos. This was something that I began, in part, because these videos disproved something that I was accused of many years ago, that I only published flattering photos of myself while not giving others the same

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Reminder For Those Shopping From Home

Hope y’all are enjoying Black Friday from the comfort of your home. Just a reminder for those of you doing your holiday shopping at Amazon.com, if you’d kindly begin your search with one of the links below it’ll help moi while I continue my “Next Chapter” of my career. Besides my good friend, Tom Lucas’ latest book, this list was

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Saying Adios To a Stranger Who Was Like a Friend…

Digital Bill

Two years ago I was introduced to something called Podcasting by my doctorate buddies from Pepperdine. I was one of those guys, because of my love and my work in technology, always had Tech-TV playing in the background, keeping me up-to-date on whatever was happening in the tech world. Alas, when Tech-TV disappeared podcasting stepped up to fill the gap.

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