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Saving History: Rescued Film Project & 31-WWII Rolls of Film

I was just writing an article about something that happened eight-years ago like it was ancient history and decided to pull up and post images from that event. Then I stumbled into this article by Michael Zhang on the PetaPixel Facebook page about someone who was using his old-school photo developing skills and digital technology to rescue 31-rolls of undeveloped

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Everyday 2011 Thru 2013

I’ve been using this app, Everyday, since May 2011 taking a single selfie and converting the collection of images to video. So, this video covers when I was ill in the summer and fall of 2012… Only thing I notice was the length of hair/haircuts and when the beard got a little long… Enjoy.

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Video Mondays: The NYC Photographer and Human Touch

This story showed up in my feed last week from CBS News, “On the Road with Steve Hartman,” about a NYC photographer who was creating a series of portraits based on having strangers posing for him in slightly intimate positions that belies the fact that before that moment these people didn’t know one another. The reporter was astounded that the

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iBooks Author & the Post-Website World

I just finished taking an extensive tutorial on the Apple product iBooks Author and it really got me thinking about the post website world. What I mean is that Apple has been trying for decades to create the right combination of tools to enable their users to unleash their creativity on the world. Among other problems, the chief conduit of

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