Why Should We Let You Into Our Doctorate Club?

Last time I talked to Dr. Sparks (“Sparky”) we were enjoying a late night dinner at the Old Ebbitt Grill following a week roaming the streets of DC and the halls of power with my Pepperdine cadremates. He wasn’t completely satisfied with my consultancy project and charged me with the assignment to get a better […]


Before and After

What else can you do when you get kicked out of a doctoral program? Of course, cut your hair. It was time. Life throws you a curveball, you throw one back. 🙂 and it’ll make my mom happy (something one can never underestimate if one wants to be successful in life!)


Sound of Doors Closing

It’s been an amazing year. A year ago February I decided to accept the challenge of moving across country to step from the safety a public school teaching job to try something new: teaching a masters level course at a new online program in Florida. I looked at my life in Southern California, having no […]