New Orlando Apartment

1st Day in my new place in Orlando w/ brother Matt. As usual, Matt smiles and I look confused. It has been an absolutely awesome week traveling country with Matt and then spending the next few days setting up the apartment with my brother. His presence has really made the transition less jarring, painful or […]


With a Little Help from My Friends

How do I sum up the last two days with Holly and Greg and Full Sail? Kind’a stupid to try, so I’ll just refer to the smiles and crazy idea that I can find community, fun and my calling with these happy strangers. My friend, Mix, said it five years ago. I am an optimist. […]


How Did I Get Here?

“Hey Skitch, how did we get here?” “I lead you here, sir, for I am Sparticus.” Leo to Shades in “That Thing You Do” I’m trying to wrap my head around my fortunate circumstances. Yesterday after uploading my lesson plans and agendas for the week I stepped out for brunch but ended up spending a […]