Online Ed Doesn’t Equal Correspondence Ed

Most of my fellow course directors sit within earshot of my desk and on more than a few occasions we’ve pulled our chairs together and talked about things that seem to work in online learning and things that don’t. For starters, students who have the biggest trouble with online learning are the ones who thought […]


November 4th, 2008

As much as I’ve wanted to, I just haven’t had the time to sit down and do any serious blogging. Thus, I’ve had to resort to recording my feelings on this important day via the 140 character repository of wisdom and subtlety known to most as Twitter… Here’s my feed from this amazing day: happy […]


Home Rig for Grading SL Presentations

Geek moment, Full Sail students were doing presentations in Second Life and I thought that I’d take a picture of my rig. On the right is my macbook pro with my two chat clients running on the extreme right and Second Life running on the rest of the screen. The laptop is connected to my […]