The Lie of the 4th Screen

The following video was brought to my attention by a coworker as we both love watching stuff being presented at the TED conference. Alas, this video continues what I believe is a false cultural perception about the increasing general dehumanizing nature of technology. Admittedly it needs to be a bit bias, it’s a Nokia ad. […]


EMDT Xmas Photo Session, Part1

Should have known when they asked us to line up outside that things would go downhill from there. Some folks didn’t find the background particularly artistic or representative of our work-life here at Full Sail U. Of course this background was my choice. Ha! Ain’t life grand. Merry Xmas, y’all. jbb


Things I Never Thought I Would Hear at Work

I love these people. Before heading out to our various Thanksgiving holiday destinations Beth (month 1) pulled out a composition book with the title “Things I Never Thought I Would Hear at Work.” Once we were seated around her like attentive pre-schoolers, she read to us a collection of quotations and our job was to […]