Loneliness If you are an adult and experience loneliness, society seems to be saying that you’re doing it wrong. Yeah. I have known no greater depth of loneliness than at one point in my marriage when my wife & I just weren’t communicating and much later when I was desperately in love and my lover had retreated to another bedroom in her huge house. And … Continue reading Loneliness

2008-12-21 Uniforms at FCs

Everyone Wears a Team Uniform at Friendly Confines

Not a great photo and not even close to showing the percentage of people who come to Friendly Confines sporting their favorite team uniforms. It’s also evident in the noise level and shouting and cheering how many partisans are in attendance. Go Bears! er… I mean Dolphins! jbb Continue reading Everyone Wears a Team Uniform at Friendly Confines

Unexpected Alanis Tickets

Did something completely unexpected today. I saw that tickets for a October 21st Alanis Morissette concert were going on sale and in the process of checking out which tickets were available I ended up buying a pair of tickets. Given my horrendous fortunes in the past finding companions to share “the concert experience” with one would think that I would permanently swear off such things. … Continue reading Unexpected Alanis Tickets