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Eric Whitacre: A virtual choir 2,000 voices strong [TED talk]

At TEDx Orlando 2011 we were shown the following video/TED talk by Eric Whitacre. I’ve been working in online education for over three years and earned my master’s degree and worked on a doctorate online, I know how powerful the connections can be. Far from being a weak substitute for “being there,” there is a powerful “being there” that we

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Ads on the Blog

Taco Beach, CA. Have I mentioned that I’m the only one in my family with a blog or active presence on the web? Siblings and mom are all email-literate, and older sister, Kats, is big on the forwarded sentimental messages, but I’m the only one with the blogs and myspace and facebook. With the Florida move on the near horizon

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So This is Life w/o DSL @ Home

I disconnected my land-line last Wednesday, marked it on my calendar 2/7/08 and fully expected to come home that evening to have no Internet connection. But surprise, surprise when I came home from work I still had a connection (even though the landline was clearly disconnected). I thought, damn, these guys are good. Verizon disconnected the landline and DSL Extreme

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