Four Reasons Why Dropbox Wins the Online Storage Battle

I recently saw an article about an online service called insync that intends to eat Dropbox‘s lunch because they’re connected to Google docs and are much cheaper than Dropbox. Where have I heard this story before. Listen, as a veteran of the online storage wars, it’s gonna take more than being cheap. In fact, unless I can access the latest version of my documents/files at … Continue reading Four Reasons Why Dropbox Wins the Online Storage Battle

Eric Whitacre: A virtual choir 2,000 voices strong [TED talk]

At TEDx Orlando 2011 we were shown the following video/TED talk by Eric Whitacre. I’ve been working in online education for over three years and earned my master’s degree and worked on a doctorate online, I know how powerful the connections can be. Far from being a weak substitute for “being there,” there is a powerful “being there” that we apparently take for grant when together that is all the more precious when our only connection is via youtube video and scrolling text. As Whitacre hints at in his TED talk, we make it work. The beauty of these thousands of voices, joined in spirit though spread across the world speaks to the power we have to connect and sing with thunderous passions and careful dignity. Enjoy.

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Using AOL IM with iChat

With MobileMe going away some think that we’ve lost one of the automatic ways for us to communicate and stay in contact with one another. And in online ed you cannot afford to lose any means of staying in contact. But such is not the case. The iChat application on our macs works just as well with AOL Instant Message service and GoogleTalk message service (iChat with AIM does video/audio/text IM, with GoogleTalk text IM only). Here’s how to use iChat with an AIM (AOL Instant Message) account:

1. Open iChat. On the menu bar select iChat >Preferences.

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Ads on the Blog

Taco Beach, CA. Have I mentioned that I’m the only one in my family with a blog or active presence on the web? Siblings and mom are all email-literate, and older sister, Kats, is big on the forwarded sentimental messages, but I’m the only one with the blogs and myspace and facebook. With the Florida move on the near horizon I bought the siblings Flickr … Continue reading Ads on the Blog

So This is Life w/o DSL @ Home

I disconnected my land-line last Wednesday, marked it on my calendar 2/7/08 and fully expected to come home that evening to have no Internet connection. But surprise, surprise when I came home from work I still had a connection (even though the landline was clearly disconnected). I thought, damn, these guys are good. Verizon disconnected the landline and DSL Extreme got the “new dry-loop” connection … Continue reading So This is Life w/o DSL @ Home

Blogs, Podcasts and Newsfeeds! Oh My!

When I first began to “teach” technology in ’98 it became important for me to keep my ear to the ground about what was happening in technology development. At the time I relied on a daily Internet radio from C/NET. As with many things on the Internet, eventually this show just went away, but not long after that I happened to run into ZD-TV (which … Continue reading Blogs, Podcasts and Newsfeeds! Oh My!