Mars Phoenix Lander Farewell

I knew someone had to put together a video of clips from the Mars Phoenix short life… I’m not one to anthropomorphize my own computers or gadgets but when I got my first “tweet” from the lander I was touched in a way that went past scientific curiosity: parachute is open!!!!! 7:50 PM May 25th […]


Mars Phoenix Mission “Ends”

Watching the landing of the Mars Phoenix probe was one wonderful geek highlight last Spring. Alas, I’ve gotten a bit busy and haven’t been paying as much attention as I should. Then I heard the following sad message on Monday: From Gizmodo: This is My Farewell Transmission From Mars If you are reading this, then […]


Phoenix Mars Lander

“I’m awake for my sol 1 duties. Have received commands from Earth and will spend the day carrying them out,” MarsPhoenix via twitter – 5/26/2008 Sunday was a good day. Even though I had no time to be away from the massive packing job at my apartment, I had arranged with bro-in-law Paul to give […]