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Happy Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Launch Day

2019-07-16 CBS 50th Anniversary Launch of Apollo 11

Happy Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Launch Day I hope you are able to enjoy many of the Apollo 11 “you are there” programs that are being shown online and on TV. I’ve been watching the CBS 4-hour rebroadcast of their coverage on YouTube, complete with commercials and CBS “regular” news coverage from that day in 1969. Wow, the commercials are

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Blog Action Day: Inequity and The Opportunity to Learn

My mom and dad grew up in the post-World War II boon when they really believed that you could achieve anything that you worked hard at. They grew up in San Gabriel, CA, where the joke was that everyone was related to one another and it was understood which side of the railroad tracks, which ran directly behind my grandparents’

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Video Mondays: Vacuity – Sci-Fi Short Film Drama

I grew up during what was prematurely called the Space Age and dreamed of being an astronaut, watching the launches of the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo missions in glorious black and white TV. Life pulled me in other directions but the fantasy persisted in my appreciation of good Sci-Fi stories. Beyond a healthy dose of escapism, I eventually came to

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Video Fridays: It Gets Better – NASA Edition

I was just cruisin’ around my feeds and found a silly one about an astronaut shaving his head in on the International Space Station (“Close Shave“) when I saw this other video listed in the playlist. I knew the reference but having memories of the NASA of the PR-driven “Right Stuff” era I was a bit surprised and quite happy

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Video Tuesdays: Space Oddity in S P A C E!

I wanted to post this video (and companion videos) first thing Monday morning, but ran into a series of “technical difficulties,” which somehow now seems entirely appropriate for the subject matter… Space! On the eve of Commander Chris Hadfield’s return to earth after completing his mission on the International Space Station this video started making it’s way on the internets…

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Video Wednesdays: The Flight of Friendship 7 – 50th Anniversary

I’m a little behind with this one… but it’s a good memory for me… though I remember the Gemini launches more than any of the Mercury ones. Enjoy (& dream). Speaking of dreams… the second video is a trailer for the film, Man on a Mission: Richard Garriott’s Road to the Stars,” which is about a second generation astronaut, though

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