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Sweet As Whole by Sara Bareilles

DailyRandomShit for 2016-04-29 I always wondered why there were explicit lyrics warning stickers on sweet Sara Bareilles’ recordings. I thought that it was because she’s known for dropping an F-bomb or two in her live performances. Then my friend, Kellie, directed to this sweet little ditty in my direction. Enjoy & have an effing great weekend. BTW NSFW!

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video fridays: Thru You Too by Kutiman

Thru You Too, the second video collection by Kutiman was recently released. As a wanna-be musician/video-maker, I am so inspired by the marvelous creations Kutiman creates from all of these unrelated YouTube videos. The thing that gets me is that so much amazing music is being created in the bedrooms, living rooms, subway corridors and small halls all across the

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Kutiman – Thru You Too – No One In This World [video]

I first wrote about Kutiman back in 2009 when Patron-Musician-to-the-Geeks, Jonathan Coulton, posted in his blog about this musician/video-artist who had taken unrelated YouTube videos and created a series of six-tracks that was the best thing he’d heard/seen but was also completely impossible to sell because of all the possible copyright claims over the source videos. Apparently Kutiman, born Ophir Kutiel,

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Trying to Remember What’s My Mission?

2014-02-16 my mission circa-2012-12

I’ve been back from California for a few weeks, dove right back into work, getting out of the house and keeping tabs on my health. Today actually marked the first time since my illness that I did what I said I would do when I began treatment in September of 2012, that in a year’s time I’d do a 5K.

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Video Mondays: Good Ol’ Freda – 50 – Years Ago Today…

Standing in line to watch this documentary during it’s one-week run at the Enzian I overheard someone ask someone else whether he was a Beatles fan and got a “meh” response. I’m a bit of a nut when it comes to the Beatles, so there was no question in my mind that I wanted to see this documentary. But how

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Video Fridays: Drawn Out Stories: A Stormy Black Eyed Peas Concert in Brazil

I don’t know about you but the worse touring story that I can think of was one time when I was touring Colorado and I completely misjudged how long it would take me to drive from Este Park to Colorado Springs for a Saturday evening concert I was scheduled to do at a tiny little Calvary Chapel. By the time

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Video Fridays: The Harmonica Man

In a recent conversation with mom she said that she’d heard that I had started to “entertain” again… which was her euphemism for saying that I was again playing my guitar to audiences. When I tried to explain why I stumbled a bit and ended up saying something about music being the one consistent part of my life since I

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