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Space Rocks: Launch of STS-133 Music Video

Watching older episodes of SpaceVidCast I saw this launch video from STS133. Space Rocks! BTW, the last three launches that I’ve watched, because I wasn’t at a NASA property to view the launch, I was able to stay in the minute-to-minute loop by watching on my iPhone. We live in amazing times! Click here […]


Empty School – Student Created Video

One of the benefits of working at Full Sail University is getting to sit-in on conversations with amazing folks like Apple’s Don Henderson (Senior Manager, Creative Expression). This past Thursday night (5/13/2010) he shared several videos about student creatives and entrepreneurs who weren’t waiting for graduation to begin their creative lives. While shortsighted bean-counters cancel […]


The Epic of Gilgamesh

I love this video. As a former 6th grade teacher who specialized in social studies and particularly making the Epic of Gilgamesh real to barrio kids who visited me years later to share with them more about Utnapishtim. This is so perfect as we discuss “fan fiction.” Thanks for the heads-up, Julia Mc.