Command-N co-host, Will Pate, shared a link to some video-mash-ups produced by Kanye West mixing his own music with a few Sci-Fi classics. Embedded below is his remix of “Stronger ” with the anime classic, “Akira.” Turn up the volume. jbb GRADUATION ALBUM LISTENING EXPERIENCE VIDEOS PT.2 – AKIRA CUT TO STRONGER from kwest on […]


Comfort Videos

Those of you with pre-school kids probably know this phenomenon quite well: “Okay Mikey, what do ya wanna watch?” “Shrek II!” “But we just watched Shrek II.” “Shrek II” “Come on Mikey, we have dozens of other videos that we can watch…” “Shrek II” “But…” “Shrek II” And so you and your four-year old spend […]