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Mt17 22-27 – The Temple Tax & Social Conventions

Matt. 17:22-27 – The Temple Tax & Social Conventions This section begins with a second prediction of Jesus’ death and resurrection, all of which understandably depresses the disciples. With that as the backdrop Matthew moves on to an interesting encounter between Peter and the tax gatherers. These are not the tax-collectors for the Romans but for the support of the

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Mt9 9-13 – Jesus & Matthew’s Friends

Matt. 9:9-13 – Jesus & Matthew’s Friends Matthew is busy at work, at his place of business and Jesus comes along and calls him to follow him (leave his business) and Matthew does it. Unlike the “rich man” (Matt 19:16ff), Matthew just up and leaves his booth. Those of us who are about the “income” might be amazed that he’d

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Notes from the Vineyard Huntington Beach

Managing money God’s way: money and relationships… * Luke 6:32-38… Concept that God gives out of love as one would whom you love (and he loves us all beyond our understanding). And our giving is based on relationships * Luke 16:1-18 “Parable of the Shrewd Manager” use your resources to influence your “friends” toward Eternal Life… Gifts w/in the relationship

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