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Mistakes Were Made: On Camera [video fridays]

As the painfully extended “Mistakes Were Made” week concludes I’d like to recognize those men and women who often have put themselves in harms way to bring us the news and chief among them, those who have “flubbed” their lines and shown their human side. Enjoy. Second collection of bloopers… This last one is a collection of TV show bloopers…

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Mistakes Were Made: Being Yourself Doesn’t Mean Be An Asshole

New York Sunset - HDR by Jerry Ferguson

You know, when I thought about this theme over a week ago, I had no idea how much of a pain in the ass it was going to be. Writing about Education took me over a week to post and like most rambling epics it was more abandoned than completed… And now I want to apply the theme “Mistakes were

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Mistakes Were Made: End the Black Box Fallacy & Give Teaching Back to Teachers

Mistakes were made: Education… yeah, that’s not a very big target… How did we get to the point where the institution of education needs to be rescued? Before we dive into this one, I don’t mean to ask the question with the intention of starting a firestorm of finger pointing, especially in this political season. Ack. But I do have

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Mistakes Were Made: Journalism Still Faltering Making “Digital” Work

The dream that the iPad and assorted Android tablets were going to save the magazine and newspaper business is dead, according to stories published last week by the Verge and Gigaom. Both publications pointed to an article by Jason Pontin posted in MIT’s Technology Review that cited all of the horrors and unfulfilled expectations that was TR’s failed attempt to

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