iPhone bsod

Given how much I rag on anything Microsoft, it only seems fair to note when things go very bad for Apple products. Here’s one that really doesn’t need a blog post, but I couldn’t help myself. Eileen Rivera, from Revision3, posted the above image of her faltering iPhone on her posterous blog with the explanatory […]


The Matrix Runs on Windows (XP, NOT VISTA!)

Sometimes after all of the political stuff and musings on religion it takes a giant step in the direction of silliness for it all to make sense. Thank god for YouTube and CollegeHumor… See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor. And just in case you were still taking your life too seriously…


Microsoft Says “Let Them Eat Cake”

Microsoft proves that even if you spend $300 million, you can’t make viewers think that Microsoft is cool, no matter how much Bill Gates wiggles his butt. It’s one-whole minute of scripted “banter” about Conquistador shoes before the 10-million dollar man, Jerry Sienfeld, asks Gates, “I imagine over the years you’ve mind-melded your magnum Jupiter […]