My Media in Every Room, Continued

NOTE: This entry was written mid-summer, before the revelation of the AppleTV2reboot. With the demise of one of my two discontinued Griffin Evolve wireless speakers I’m left to again ponder how I want to share my media in my house. Be prepared for lots of first-world technology nonsense in the following paragraphs. I’m sure that […]


Moving Media Around the House

By definition, this is a “first world” problem. In the news gap between CES and the Apple event next week, I’ve been thinking a lot about how I might manage my media collections between all of my computers. The buzz around the Boxee box and anticipating the need to have most of my working data […]


Damn You, HD Nation!

Several months ago I was contemplating simplifying my home-theater thing by drafting my Nintendo Wii to take care of media server details. Only a couple problems with this plan: 1) No DVD support, 2) low-resolution screen, 3) No native iTunes support. Yeah. Not so great. Not being able to just play a DVD was bad […]