Loneliness If you are an adult and experience loneliness, society seems to be saying that you’re doing it wrong. Yeah. I have known no greater depth of loneliness than at one point in my marriage when my wife & I just weren’t communicating and much later when I was desperately in love and my lover had retreated to another bedroom in her huge house. And … Continue reading Loneliness

Following the Logic of Feelings

Some of my thinking lately has reminded me of this article that I wrote in the late 1980s about rediscovering the power and need to be emotionally alive. This article was part of a column that I wrote called “The Editor’s Wild Hair” for a little print newsletter that I inflicted upon friends and family called, “Air, Dirt & Ink.” [Sigh], the good ol’ days. … Continue reading Following the Logic of Feelings

“F” is for Fridays

I’m not very fond of Fridays. I know that seems so odd in a world clamoring for “time off” and racing to get away from the work-a-day world. And it’s not that I have something against that day itself or that I don’t like the idea that I could sleep in the next day if I wanted to. It’s just that after doing my best … Continue reading “F” is for Fridays

Another Friday Night

Taco Beach, Long Beach. There’s an old Cat Stevens’ song about it being another Friday night alone… There’s a line that boasts “I could get ’em if I could meet ’em…” I guess I shouldn’t assume that it’s a boast, but that does sound like the typical line from every single dude alone on a Friday night. My only compensation at the moment is the … Continue reading Another Friday Night